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devices represent advanced development instrumentation for the scientific study of matter over a wide pressure-temperature range.
serve as extremely useful tools to generate pressures exceeding 1GPa. These cells have been succesfully used in most spectroscopic techniques such as Ramanand Brillouin scattering as well as in X-ray diffraction structural investigations.
Clamp Cells
allow the measurement of a wide range of electrical and magnetic properties in solid-state materials.

LOTO has a long experience in the field of innovative opto-mechanical technologies. Our Company has played a significant role in the design and manufacturing of new instruments in different areas of scientific research, co-operating with many Italian and European scientific institutions and universities, and developing both standard and custom solutions.
Our Company still works in partnership with many research groups, and thus has easy access to the resources and facilities of the research community.

The company operates on a custom basis and offers skilled expertise for the full development and management of each project, providing solutions and assistance for instrument design, application engineering and technology. Our manufacturing capacity and ability to manage every aspect of the application - ranging from the mechanical to the electronic and software components - allow us to tackle our clients' requirements, finding the best solution for each application.
LOTO takes care of all designing and commissioning, while manufacturing is performed by selected companies on a sub-contract basis. The vast experience acquired by LOTO in technological applications guarantees the choice of the right partners in each specific area, such as welding and machining of special materials for vacuum and high pressure applications, or electronic and software projects.

Thanks to a skilled staff of experts, we have the knowledge, the commitment and the resources to understand your requirements and provide appropriate solutions.

LOTO was founded in 1987 by Carlo A. Checchi

LOTO light sources are used in photochemical and photobiological research to study photoreactions both in vitro and in vivo, as well as for several medical applications such as phototherapy in the treatment of neonatal jaundice, psoriasis, vitiligo, and photodynamic therapy (PDT).

LOTO Diamond Anvil Cells (DACs) are designed to fulfil the requirements of the most demanding applications in the field of High Pressure research. The cells can be operated at low temperature or be equipped with a miniature resistive heating element to reach high temperatures.


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